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Corporate Finance

Whether yours is a new or a mature business, ensuring that you have the necessary finance is essential for achieving your objectives. Indeed, one of the most common causes of business failure is badly structured or inadequate financing.

We can help you:

  • Conduct a feasibility study of your projects
  • Appraise the various sources of finance - personal capital, bank overdraft, long-term commercial loans and mortgages, national and regional agencies, venture capital, or equity capital
  • Prepare the necessary business plan, financial forecasts etc.
  • Present your proposals to your chosen finance source
  • Think through options for a disposal, merger/acquisition, or management buyout/in

The scope of our services is limited in that we are not authorised to make recommendations or undertake any kind of regulated investment business. We may however assist you to understand better the implications of alternative courses of action so you can make up your own mind.